When you think about something you send out a streamer of energy to that person or that thing or situation in time. Depending on how emotional you are the more energy is channeled through that streamer of energy and the bigger it gets. So if you are thinking about something you want to happen, awesome… but what if you are thinking about someone or something you are sad about or thinking about a situation you wish would NOT happen. Well then you are streaming all of your energy to the things you don’t want. I understand how easy it is to think about the negative things that have happened or the things that could be happening or will happen in the future, but if you think about it this way… the more you think about it the more energy you put into manifesting it. So if you are going to spend all of your energy thinking about something wouldn’t it be better to think about something you want to bring into your life than something you don’t want to bring into your life? Be honest, how much time have you actually spent thinking about things that you don’t want to happen?

Here is what to do when you find yourself obsessing about things you would rather not be thinking about.

Notice what you are thinking about. ‘Oh I am thinking about this again.’ Notice where the streamer is coming out of your body. Is it coming from your head? Your heart? Your belly? Take some time to think about that streamer of energy coming back to you. Breathe it back into your body. Redirect the energy either to the Divine, the Sun or to the Earth. This will ground the energy and give it a neutral charge.

It’s challenging when you are thinking about something and obsessing about it, it almost becomes an addiction to the feeling of pain and hurt. Ekhart Tolle talks about being in the pain body. He says that when you are in the pain body all you want to do is focus on the things that can hurt you more and what can hurt others more. This bringing back of the streamer helps with getting you out of the pain body and back into your physical body. The more present you are in the physical body the more safe and calm you will feel.

As you bring the streamer back into your body start breathing deeply into your body and imagine the very base of your body and legs sinking into the Earth. Relax and breathe as you imagine sinking further into the Earth.

When you feel very grounded and calm focus your attention on the top of your head and imagine connecting up to a big sun. Breathe up to this sun and breathe the light and energy back down from this sun.

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