When I go into someone’s energyfield I see energetic attachment cords as ribbons or streamers. Depending on how intricate the relationship they can also weave themselves together. I actually saw something that looked like a woven vest.   It is possible to unravel and release these cords and when you do you will feel much freer. I think the thing that most people don’t realize is that the intrinsic nature of having the cord makes you not want to release it, it makes you want to hold on to it for dear life, but as soon as you release it, all of it. You are free and there is no pain. The pain only comes in because of the holding on. It is the act of not letting it go that creates the suffering. The closer you are to letting it go, the more it tries to hold on. It is a great act of courage to let go because it can sometimes feel like you are going to die, sometimes feels like something bad will happen to you or someone else if you do, sometimes it can feel like it’s just the wrong thing to do. Before you let something go there is an unknown. You know what your life has been like with this attachment. Even if this attachment has been hurting you or making your life a complete hell, it is a known hell. You know what life is like with it, you have created your life around it. You don’t know what your life will be like without it.

But here is where it gets interesting… When we interweave our energy with another person our perception is filtered through their eyes. The cords we have with them allow us to see life through their filter, which is interesting and fun sometimes, but what happens if we don’t unravel ourselves periodically is that we forget our vision and how to see life through our own eyes and filter. Why is this important? Well, we have a job to do this lifetime. We have a specific frequency that we radiate and emanate that creates a change in the world only we can express. Other people flavor our perception and outlook and that is beautiful, but you don’t want to get saturated with another person’s vision or energy. When this happens there is a distortion of your vision and purpose and a couple things happen. The person you are with starts to lose interest in you. The reason being, you aren’t resonating with your own frequency anymore. You are now more them than you are you. People get attracted to other people because of their uniqueness. When you become the same as another person or you start to live your life to please them you lose the very thing that person was attracted to. Many people get into relationships and are deeply saddened because they give their lives over to make the other person happy.  When the relationship ends they say, but I did everything for them, I did everything right, why didn’t they want to be with me? That is exactly the reason. Even in the most loving of relationships, if you do not take the time to come back to yourself there is always a tendency to lose yourself within it. Which means, you lose your identity and this happens when you take on too much of another person’s energy.

There is also another thing that happens. When you give all of your time and attention to another person, it saturates them with your energy, which is great and fun for a while, but eventually that person will begin to feel suffocated with your energy because there is more of your energy in their space than theirs. It’s kind of like getting a blood transfusion with the wrong kind of blood. It feels good for a while, then it slowly stagnates and becomes stuck in the energyfield and that person can’t access their own energy easily. When they look into their energy field to see what is wrong they see you and your energy and that makes them want to take space from you. By taking your energy back and giving them back their energy it creates space between the both of you and allows for a feeling of freedom.

People often create these cords and exchange energy because when you merge with another person it feels so good that you would like to have that feeling on tap forever. So in in essence, tap into their energyfield to make sure you can find them and connect in whenever you want.  They are also created to give you a false sense of security. If that cord is there they are connected to you and you don’t have to worry about them leaving you. The fault in this thinking is that the cords get gunky and twisted around and create the issues I talked about above. Also when there is a cord present there is more of a chance you will feel insecure because you will be able to feel if that person is pulling away from you or has their attention somewhere else. When two people are together without attachment cords they both feel free and open to be with one another without feeling a necessity to be together. This creates a fresh experience each time you interact with them and that keeps the relationship new and fluid. You get to choose each other over and over again.

So how do you release someone else’s energy and the cords of connection?

Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. Slow your breath down and breathe more deeply. Relax into your body. Now tune into your body. Begin to feel your body with the intention to find any energy that is not yours. Sometimes it comes up as a feeling, sometimes as images, sometimes you just know. When you find the energy or cords, call in a helper, like a guide or angel, if you haven’t worked with them before, it’s ok, just know that you have spiritual helpers that are always there to help you when you need them. Call upon these helpers now and ask them to help you release this cord. When you feel it or visualize it you can see the connection as 2 hands holding on to one another. Find this connection and relax into it. Breathe and relax and allow the hands to slowly unravel, then give the other hand to the guide or angel. They will bring it back to whoever it belongs to and will take care of that person’s needs, so you don’t have to worry that you are leaving them without love or energy, they will be taken care of fully and completely. When the cord is gone feel into the space it was and fill yourself up with loving energy.

When you find someone else’s energy in your space, you can breathe into it and with your out breath use your intention to breathe it back to the other person. You might feel weird about giving the energy back to the person you took it from because the energy might feel weird to you, but the only reason it feels weird is because it’s not yours. It will feel like a burst of energy to them when they receive it back. If it still doesn’t feel right to give their energy back to them you can give it to the Earth or to the Divine. Each of these actions will allow that person to access their energy through their own connection to the Earth or Source energy.

Again, sometimes when we are releasing energy we have a resistance to releasing it all. It could be your resistance, it could be the resistance you feel from the other person, either way I want you to know that you and the other person will feel better after this cord and energy are released. It is a step in courage because you may feel like you are losing them forever, but the truth is…you can never lose them. There is a pure connection of energy that connects everyone here in the planet. If you ever need them you can think about them and they will be right there.  Think of it more like an ego cord. The ego has this idea that we are finite beings and we can lose everything in an instant. The truth is more like, we are infinite beings experiencing life on this planet as finite bodies, but our connection to each other and our experiences we have together are eternal. We can never lose them. When we release each other in love it creates even more love and the remembrances that we are all One.


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