Do you ever wonder why you get obsessed about someone who is clearly not healthy for you? Someone who keeps teaching you lessons about what not to do in relationship? You might light up when you think about them or talk to them, but the reality of the relationship is more pain and suffering….
Before we incarnate on this planet there are lessons we decide on learning here as a human. We pick our favorite beings…the ones that love us the most, to help us learn these lessons…sometimes these lessons are challenging and difficult to learn, especially when it comes to how to love ourselves and others in a deeply unconditional way, but these beings, who love us so deeply volunteer to help us learn these lessons no matter what it takes.
Sometimes it takes them showing up as someone who seems not to love us, someone who seems to want to cause us pain or suffering. Someone who seems not to care about us or want to be around us…
With all that said why would we want to still go back and be around this person? Why would we still love them even though they seem to want to hurt us?
With the veils lifting we are able to feel and see everything through a bigger perspective. We can’t deny the energy we feel or experience even when the outside circumstances show us something completely different.
In these cases we have to hold two complete but seemingly different truths. There is the Divine Being that loves us so completely and the earthly personality that is choosing to learn and teach it’s lessons here on the planet.
Our soul loves this Being deeply and completely because we are Soul Family. We feel this connection and we remember Home when we are with them, the challenge comes in when we forget that they agreed to teach us some painful lessons and when we learn these lessons we need to let them go so we can complete the lesson.
Letting this person go can be quite hard because you can feel this soul connection so strongly…because the more challenging the lesson, the more deeply you both love each other on a soul level. It takes a deeply loving soul love to seemingly forget you that completely.
As you come to the time of parting ways you can take solace in the fact that your Soul Family will always be with you. On a higher level they will always know you and love you completely and at the end of this Earth story we will all come back together again to love each other and merge completely into love with one another.
Thank them for their part on your journey. Identify what they had to teach you and then as lovingly and gracefully as you can, allow them to move on from your life so they can blossom into the person they need to be and you can as well. Remember, this is not an ending for the eternal beings that you are, just for the personalities you are experiencing this lifetime. The Divine Love will always be there, it is never ending…you are and always will be loved fully and completely.