Unfolding Love

Awakening Consciousness with Heart

Challenges of the Eclipse

Yes, this eclipse energy is challenging for me too. I am noticing that many of my fear patterns that I had thought I had gotten ...

Sneak peak to the Book Intro!

Hi Everybody! I've been busy at work writing so I can get this new book out into the world! Here is a sneak peek at the new intro. ...

Obsessive Thoughts and How to Calm Your Mind

Moving On and Letting Go (Intro to new video course)

Welcome to Comfytopia and how to feel full when you are lonely

Let it all go, there is only love

Sometimes we are super attracted to someone, like the 'OMG this is the most amazing person in the whole world' kind of attracted to someone. There might be times of amazing connection and passion. There might even be feelings of wanting to be with that person and share many adventures with ...