Unfolding Love

Awakening Consciousness with Heart


A more compassionate way to release energetic cords

Many of us have been taught to cut energetic cords with people who we have unhealthy connections with. That never quite felt right ...


What happens when you think about someone or something

When you think about something you send out a streamer of energy to that person or that thing or situation in time. Depending on ...

beach massage

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Bodywork

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is a beautiful, healing , deeply relaxing massage that you can experience in your own home. Lomi works ...

What to do when you feel rejected thumbnail

What to do when you feel rejected.


Beyond the veil

I have had a mixture of anxiousness and sadness going on under the surface for many years, but somehow today I was able to get a different perspective on it. Even though I have felt these feelings, I never really embraced them or sat with them. I have heard of this, I have even taught this, but today I ...

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What does being a Goddess mean to me?

Somebody asked me what being a Goddess means to me? For me it’s about: Feeling and loving the soft beautiful curves and every inch of my body. Being gentle, loving and encouraging with myself during difficult times, celebrating my successes and being my own best friend through it ...


Wait a minute…this doesn’t even belong to me!

I had an interesting moment yesterday. I started to get resentful of a friend who was doing work for someone and I thought...they don't do that for me...I started to feel worse and worse and then I questioned it...Is this really my thought? Do I really believe this? This person had done a lot for me ...