I had a deep healing last night and today I felt like I had let go of everything and everyone…

I noticed that I can love everyone so much more when I am not attached to them.

It seems so ironic…I know, but if you love someone…set them free…

I think I know what that means now….Letting someone go is the only real way you can love them….because only from a place of detachment can you see that person for who they truly are…not the Attachment Story.

The Attachment Story is the filter you put up between you and another person that causes you to only see them from your point of view. Their thoughts feelings and emotions go out the window and you project onto them what your thoughts hopes and dreams are…”I will love them only if they do what I want and if they don’t do what I want I will attack them….”

What they want is not as important as them fitting into your story line…it’s very twisted, but it happens all the time and people see it as normal…until you break it apart and look at it.

People can become quite upset at the ones they say they love if they don’t full fill their part in the made up role they are supposed to be playing.

Wouldn’t it actually be more loving to let go? Let go of that person you love every day. Making every day a new day of exploration with them. They are new, you are new…seeing each other with fresh eyes. And through a place of detachment. They become another person separate from you. You get to learn them all over again.

Letting go can be scary at first because you might think that attachment and control mean love and the only way they will stay is because of an obligation attachment….but you can only control someone for so long and when you get tired or they get tired, things start to break down.

Setting our lover free in every moment we can meet them again and again. Fall in love again and again…and when we give up our control it frees them to choose us again and again. Because doesn’t it feel better to be chosen from a sense of freedom and not obligation?

I used to think it took a strong person to think this way…but more and more I have begun to realize, it just takes someone with the courage to let go. To free the ones they love continuously so they can be free too…letting go is not an act of war…it is a loving act of peace.

When you have an Attachment Story about someone, you in essence enslave them to your way of being, and if you have enslaved another you then in turn become a slave…

If you truly want to love your fellow humans…

Free your prisoners…
Free yourself…

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