Yes, this eclipse energy is challenging for me too. I am noticing that many of my fear patterns that I had thought I had gotten rid of long ago are coming back up to be experienced again. It mostly feels like I am going backwards spiritually…except…I have a theory…
Maybe the eclipse is about bringing to light everything that has been in darkness. Everything we have been afraid of truly looking at…the things we have hidden in the dark corners of our being so we would not have to see or feel them because they would make us feel bad and God forbid anyone would find out we are not perfect and don’t have it all together…
But here is the interesting part…
We are older now, wiser, stronger. We have the ability to stay in our center and come from that place of love and strength and we can heal those parts of ourselves that have been silently hurting. Just like we would heal another person with love and gentleness we can heal these part of ourselves that think we are less than and not enough…not worthy of healing. Of course you are worthy. You are worthy of healing and light, love and forgiveness, acceptance and self worth. All of the beautiful things of life can and will be yours if you wish to accept them into your life and know…
You are doing a good job.
You are more loved than you know.
The things you say and do are being reverberated into the Universe and helping to bring light to many in the darkness.
You are not alone in this…
You don’t have to be afraid anymore. Not of the pain or hurt, not for the confusion or unknowingness. You have the power to heal and change these things…Your mind is literally creating your reality, so start focusing on the beauty and the love you wish to see in the world. Know that it is right there around you and surrounding you right now. You are surrounded in beautiful and in love. Just clear out the things you no longer need and to embrace the truth of this moment…In this and all moments you can choose love, you can choose beauty, you can choose to see the light and the joy or at least know that it is coming.
There is light in even the darkest of places, even if you can’t see it , it is there waiting patiently for you to open your eyes and find it embracing you and loving you never-endingly.
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