I lost myself again…totally and completely gave all of my power away.

The only thing worse than knowing I did it, was knowing I did it…again.

I felt ashamed and embarrassed. I felt like hiding away. I cried, I felt like my whole life was a failure. I felt like I was worth nothing, never was and everything I have ever done was worthless and that I was worthless…

Then I realized…I had made an agreement to do this…to go through this process. This is not me…this is not who I am.

Who I am is powerful, beautiful, loving and courageous. Who I am is a leader, a teacher, a guide and a lover of everything and everyone including myself. These thoughts and these feelings aren’t me. They never were. I took them on to play a game. To pretend I was less than the amazingly beautiful being that I am so that I could bring myself back and then share what I have learned with others.

So early this morning as the light started to filter into the world I decided to breathe myself back into me. All of the power I had given away I took back through my solar plexus and as I did I could feel it go through me into these beautiful wings. I felt my whole body sway back and forth in a fluid dance as the energy began to course through me and energize my wings as they unfurled. Vibrant colors and light shone in me and through me and my wings and I felt everything coming back on line.

I want you to know…if you are struggling through the darkness that there is hope, you can find your way out of the darkness and it doesn’t have to take a whole life time. Maybe it only takes a willingness to see the truth of who you are.  Maybe it takes you calling your energy and power back to you as only you can. Maybe it is realizing that none of these terrible thoughts you are thinking are yours anyway. Maybe it just takes asking for assistance to guide you back. There is help, you are not alone.

You deserve an amazing life, you are here to make a difference on the planet. Your voice and your words are the only ones that are going to help the people you came here to help and if you don’t show up the world is going to be a little less bright, a little less vibrant because your light is not a part of it. You will be missed and you are loved very much.

I am calling to you from the other side of the veil…come back now, come back into the light, come back to yourself. If it feels like too much ask for help, we are here to assist you, all you have to do is ask.

With love and much reverence I bow to the amazing being that I know you are.

You can do this. You are strong enough. I believe in you.

Loving you always,