Anxiety and what to do about it

Anxiety and what to do about it

Why you have anxiety and what you can do about it.

Much of our anxiety has to do with thinking about:

The future.

The past.

What other people are thinking or doing.

Outcomes of actions we take or don’t take.

Failing at something.

However, when look a little deeper at the energetics of it all, what we are really experiencing is our body freaking out because we are not energetically present with it.

Oversimplified, our being has two parts to it. Our physical body, which has consciousness and our energetic body which has it’s own consciousness. These two parts work together to create who we are and allow us to interact in the world as one being. The physical body needs our energetic presence to function. A physical body completely without the energetic component is dead.

Interestingly enough though, our focus and thoughts are backed by this energy. When we are thinking about the past or future, part of our energy leaves the present moment, where our physical body is and kind of time travels into the past or future.

When energy leaves our physical body, our physical body begins to lose power. It’s like using your laptop or phone without it being plugged in. It can sustain itself for a while, but when you leave for a long time or on a consistent basis your body doesn’t have what it needs to run itself.

People who are worrying about the past or future will tend to age faster, have a more challenging time staying healthy, will have more aches and pains and will tend to be more sad and have more anxiety because the physical body feels abandoned and alone. It feels like something is wrong and that it’s energy is becoming less and less and knows that when the energy is gone completely it doesn’t get to function anymore. I’d say that is a pretty good reason to be anxious. But most people don’t realize this correlation. People will take drugs, drink, eat food, or to anything to distract themselves from feeling this way, when all they really need to do is to come back into their body.

When a person is grounded and in balance with their energetic and physical body the physical body has what it needs and can do what it needs to do. There is peace and harmony in the body and the mind. The body will feel more relaxed and calm.

When stressful things are happening in our lives we might think that worrying or getting anxious is the way to figure out how to get us out of the situation we are in, but clear action can only come from a clear mind. Being in the past or in the future isn’t going to help us in the present. As we come into a calm and balanced place in our body and mind the answers will come to us instead of us traveling to find them.

If being in our body is so great, what made us leave in the first place?

Sometimes there are traumas that happen in our lives which cause our energetic body to think that it would be safer to leave the physical body. You’ve probably heard stories about people who were in huge accidents where they say that they were witnessing the incident from outside of their body.  When these traumatic incidents occur, our energy body leaves and sometimes never gets fully integrated back in when the danger is over. We never let it know that it’s safe to come back in so our physical body is left at half wattage of energy because it’s not fully connected. It doesn’t have to be a violent accident though, it can also be a verbal incident where someone says something that upsets you, or a loss of a relationship or a change in living situation, worry about politics or what is happening in the world. There are many reasons you might feel unsafe enough to leave your body.

When you are not fully present in your body the emptiness creates a vacuum. The physical body will borrow energy from around itself to get the energy it needs to survive. The easiest way to get energy is to get it from other people. When you are feeling low and someone gives you a hug, your body breathes in their energy and it fills you up and makes you feel happier and more complete…for a while. But other people’s energy will only sustain us for a short time. Soon we will be looking for more energy, more hugs or something or someone else to give us the energy we are looking for. I remember being in a relationship and getting upset at a partner because he was not giving me the love and energy I was looking for, but it was because I was always looking for more and more love and more and more energy and it wasn’t possible for them to give me what I needed, because if you are not present in your body there is no amount of energy any other person can give you that will ever fulfill your needs. Only the reintegration of your physical and energetic body can do that. This might seem like a rather unromantic view of life, but I think that if we can understand that our first relationship has to be with ourselves, that we need to fill ourselves up with our own energy first, we can be better partners and friends to the people in our lives. We aren’t looking to them to fill us up, but rather to support each other in that wholeness.

One last thing about exchanging energy with others. Although it feels amazing in the moment, when you have other people’s energy in your body it will eventually slow and stagnate, leaving you with a heaviness inside of your own energy field. When there is a foreign energy inside of your energy field a few things happen. You will get tired and feel heavy, you won’t be able to access your own energy and you won’t feel like being present in your own body because it feels yucky in there because someone else’s energy is just sitting around stagnating.

It’s like you were making out with a partner and things got hot and sweaty…they take their shirt off and it smells like them and their sweat and you love it because its a part of them…but days later you are still holding on to their sweaty shirt and its starting to smell and mold and you still love them, it’s not their fault that you are still holding on to their shirt, but they don’t want to be around you because you stink and feel gross. If you would let go of their shirt, go take a shower and free yourself or all the energy that is not yours and put your own clothes back on then the other person would be happy to be around you again.  This is all happening on an unconscious energetic level. People want to be around others who are clear, grounded and balanced in their own energy. When you can come to this place within yourself you become more attractive to others who are of that same vibration.

Back to anxiety. So what causes the anxiety? When we are looking for something outside of ourselves to make us feel better. When we want something to be different than what it is. When we want to have control over something or someone that is not us. Anxiety comes from not being in the moment and not being present on our own body. When we clear our body out of all energy that is not ours and can come back to the present moment inside of our own body the anxiety and fear dissipates and is replaced with peace and calm.

The clearing of our body and bringing ourselves back in is a process and takes time, but so does showering or brushing our teeth. We might be able to let it go for a while, but you don’t want to take too long…when you make it a daily activity it becomes easer and faster until it’s  just second nature.

If you’d like to learn more about how to clear yourself of other people’s energy and become more whole and present in your body please go to my website, and schedule a one on one session with me where I take you into your energy field to see just what you are holding onto and help you to release it and come back into your body so you can feel calm, balanced and whole again.