On The Road Again

On The Road Again

It has been so nice having my own bed and a place to put all of my clothes and things. I have enjoyed being in a house full of loving people. I have learned and transformed so much here with everyone. We have helped and loved each other up so much.  I now feel full and ready for the next leg of my journey…

I got a call from my friend Tree yesterday who told me about an amazing event for the Winter Solstice https://www.facebook.com/Synthesis2012

She actually had told me about this event a few months ago, but my world was so up in the air back then…I couldn’t really make a proper decision, but the other day I really got that it was time to get my things together and go.

It’s funny how life is…when I was couch surfing I just really wanted my own space…and although I have had to share a room with 2 people in the place I am staying now, I feel like I did get that peaceful space…and now that I have had a moment to rest it’s time to get moving again. My gypsy nature is emerging and my heart is filled with love and adventure once more…

I am not sure what this new adventure will bring, but I know it will not be boring…and I do know…it will be filled with love <3