Unfolding Love

Awakening Consciousness with Heart


Your most important relationship

Most of my life's been spent looking for a partner, being in relationship or getting over a relationship. For many years now I've been focusing every day on coming back into myself again and again to fill myself with love and security. It's been interesting to watch how somedays I feel complete and whole and other ...

What to do during hard times

Challenges of the Eclipse

Yes, this eclipse energy is challenging for me too. I am noticing that many of my fear patterns that I had thought I had gotten rid of long ago are coming back up to be experienced again. It mostly feels like I am going backwards spiritually...except...I have a theory...   Maybe the eclipse is about bringing to ...

Moving On and Letting Go (Intro to new video course)

Let it all go, there is only love

Sometimes we are super attracted to someone, like the 'OMG this is the most amazing person in the whole world' kind of attracted to someone. There might be times of amazing connection and passion. There might even be feelings of wanting to be with that person and share many adventures with them...   But ...

Living a perfectly imperfect life

As my life unfolds I feel like a witness as well as an active participant. I am seeing more clearly the way things develop as I make choices for my highest good, but I also see that the Universe has this bigger plan for me and all of the things that I thought were bad choices were also part of the journey. Every ...

Tantra workshop and my next step in life