Belize City and the Russians

Belize City and the Russians

The next day we caught a boat to Belize city.

We found a clean and safe place to stay and worked on finding our next destination. I found a Russian family on a farm outside of Belize city that was looking for volunteers. We got the address and the next day we were on a bus to the farm.

They had lived on the farm for about 2 years, but the place itself was very rustic. Very little running water and no sinks. We did have an inside sleeping space that we shared with a very bossy and demanding 12 year old. It seems his Mom left him there with this family for a couple of months while she went back to Russia with her new husband…

We were glad to have a bed, but  when we started to get itchy we found out that our bed was covered in tiny little ants. These ants we found out are more like mites and they leave their saliva on your skin and it causes an itch that stays with you for weeks…

Each day we would wake up and do what ever we could to help on the farm. Rob was great at using his machete to chop down tall grasses and clear the land. I would help out with digging up potatoes and cleaning up. Each day was very hot and tiring, but Rob was glad to be working the land and I was glad to be there with him doing what I could.

The rules of Woofing is that you work for food and lodging, but the family didn’t really want to feed us…so we had to go into town to get food and that was a big struggle in and of itself. We had to hitch hike in and then take a long bus ride and then be there in town, which is dirty, loud and stressful…by the time we got back we would be very tired.

One day we were hitching into town and we got picked up by this man who said that he was looking for people to help him at his resort that his wife and he run.  We told him we could help him and he was over joyed. We got his number and scheduled to come the next day.

We said good bye to our Russian family and we were on our way to our new destination.