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“In the devastating aftermath of a romantic break-up, Joanna Albrecht had the wherewithal to document her journey back to Self, and in the process, to create a guidebook for others experiencing separation or loss. With extraordinary clarity, using everyday language, Joanna explains complex concepts like how energy works between people, how to lovingly release discordant patterns, and how belief, expectation and focus shape our experience. Simultaneously refreshing and timeless, “Moving On and Letting Go” is grounded in practical wisdom, like setting healthy boundaries, and in insights born of the gentle releasing and reclaiming practices Joanna carefully outlines. Her compass is always re-orienting to alignment with Self-love, compassion and well-being. This is so much more than a book about healing from a break-up; it is a way forward as a person complete unto herself, and able to connect with others in meaningful, nourishing ways.”


” I have listened to Joanna Albrecht´s audiobook
Moving On and Letting Go and I am so Grateful that I did! This is so much more than a self-help book about moving on from a romantic relationship and/or breakup, this is in big part about Loving Yourself, Taking Good Care of Yourself and Knowing that you don´t need anyone else to complete you, you already are whole, complete and enough. It is also a spiritual book, a metaphysical textbook, a manual for Healing and Stress Release and so much more. Joanna generously shares her Wisdom, Personal Experiences, Insights and Tools for Transformation. If you are in need of stress management and/or finding it hard to relax and meditate, I highly recommend the Audiobook, you can just relax and listen to the guided meditations that will help you to De-stress, Release, Move on and Let Go. This book also helped me to gain better understanding of my past experiences and to finally release the residue that had lingered in ways that I had not been consciously aware of. Thank you for showing us that it is possible to set Healthy Boundries, Heal and Create Loving Functional Relationships, with Self and others.


“I truly enjoyed the audio version of Joanna Albrecht’s book. The title Moving On and Letting Go exceeded my expectations. I love Joanna’s approach to this topic. It is not just book of advice or “how to” manual, this book offers real tools to allow us to go deeper and reconnect with ourselves again on emotional level, which is always so hard to change or reclaim after a painful breakup through meditation and alternative approaches. It’s soothing and filled with understanding yet with the focus to move on and not to wallow in the past. Thank you! This is one of my keepers for sure!”

Czech Republic and Illinois

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