About Me

Moving on and Letting Go of a relationship can be hard. Late nights crying and overthinking, it can effect your physical health and your work because you just can’t focus on daily life or taking care of yourself. You might wonder if you will ever find your way back to your happy and strong self again.

Joanna Albrecht has gone through many relationships where she gave herself so fully and completely to the other person she lost her identity and self confidence. But little by little she found the tools to come back from despair into a place of self love and self worth.  After one particularly heart shattering breakup she decided to compile all of the tools she’s learned over the years to go from feeling completely devastated to embodying a life of self love and self worth full of joy and strength. 
Joanna Albrecht is an Intuitive Empath, Energy Healing Guide and Author of the book, Moving on and Letting Go: A Guide to Loving Yourself Again.  She has spent the last 25 years traveling the world helping people to let go of the stressful energy and attachments that hold them back so they can find peace in their mind and body once more.

My Tool Box

  • Quantum Healing with Healy
  • Spirit Body Integration 
  • Guided Visualization
  • Co-dependant Relationship Recovery
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Soul awareness
  • Chakra Healing and Clearing
  • Empathic Communication
  • Toning and Sound Healing
  • Entity Removal
  • Emotional and Energy Clearing/Healing
  • Emotion Code/Body Code
  • Access Consciousness clearing
  • Abraham inquiry

During a session you may experience one of more of the tools in the tool box. Divine Energy creates a unique and perfect healing every time.

Thanks again for coming to visit!

Where I have traveled

If you have read this far you might also want to know which countries I have been to, here is the run down:

  • United States: I’ve lived in New York, Illinois, Florida, California, Arizona, Maine and took a 30,000 mile road trip across the country starting from California all the way to New York through the upper states and Canada and then back down through the bottom states to California.)
  • Australia: Lived in Brisbane for 3 years
  • Africa: Tanzania, Nairobi, Kenya, Egypt, Morogoro, Dar es Saalam, The Serengetti
  • Ireland- Galway mostly, but traveled around and visited Belfast too.
  • Scotland- Edinbourgh
  • England- London, Guildford
  • France- Paris
  • Italy- Rome
  • The Netherlands- Rotterdam and Amsterdam
  • Nepal- Katmandu and Kopan Monastery
  • Thailand- Pai and Chiang Mai
  • Canada –Thunder Bay
  • Mexico- Cancun, Chitzen Itza, Tulum,
  • Belize- San Ignacio, Barton Creek, Belmopan, Belize City, San Pedro
  • Guatemala – Flores