Your thoughts, feelings and emotions all resonate at a certain frequency and vibration. When you tell the story of your past you tune into that specific frequency of energy and vibration. This is unwanted for a lot of reasons but one of the main reasons is, if it is an unpleasant memory it makes you feel bad, second it puts you in a negative mind loop, where you keep repeating the same thoughts over and over and the energy gets stronger and stronger and snowballs the energy. When that happens you not only start resonating at the same frequency again but you actually become a magnet that attracts similar energy to you. This is why people tend to repeat unwanted relationships… if you keep talking about the things you didn’t like in the last relationship you will call it in again because you keep recreating that same vibration every time you talk about it.

A part of us will always want to try to fix the past by bringing up old stories, but there is no changing what has happened, you can only shift the energy of this present moment to make sure you create a better future.

When you find yourself thinking of something that happened in the past or re-living a story, say. ‘Present moment. Forward thinking.’ This will bring you back to this moment and shift your ‘Thought Stream’ into a new direction. And when I say ‘Thought Stream’ I mean it. If you knew the intensity of the flow of energy you are using to think about the past it would amaze you. When you are able to shift all of that energy into the present moment and point it to where you would like to go, your life will move forward faster than you knew was possible.

Sometimes we focus on the past because we may be afraid of what comes next. The past, even if it was a crappy past, seems safer than an unknown future… But most of us are only afraid of the future because we are afraid we may repeat the past, but we will only repeat the past if we keep thinking about it…there in lies the cycle. There are all of these organizations that keep saying, ‘We should remember the past! Lest we forget!’ Let’s just talk about the word Remember for a moment. Re-member we are putting back together, we are Re-membering something that has happened in the past. We are literally bringing it back together and creating the energy of it again and again.

I believe a more productive way to create a better future is to actually create a better future. Think about what you want to create and then take the steps to make it happen. The same goes for your new relationship. Create in your mind’s eye what you would like to experience, then go one step further and bring up the feelings you would like to feel in this new relationship. Bring them up every day. Feel them as much as you can. Have as much fun as you can. Talk to your future partner, have fun with them, go for walks and talk to them. Feel what it feels like to be in their presence. This brings you into the vibration and frequency of what you wish to create. When you are in the frequency for long enough you become a magnet for that same frequency to come in. Eventually a new partner can’t help but come in, and when they do it will feel easy and natural, like they have been with you for a long time…because in essence… they have, you have been in each other’s same energy and frequency for as long as you have been calling it in.