Ready to Let Go?

This book can assist you in letting go of the painful emotions and beliefs that are keeping you from a life of
self love and self worth. 

Do you feel sad and lonely?

During most breakups we feel sad and lonely, but it’s not for the reason you think. When we are focused on the past or on someone who is not present with us our body gets sad and feels lonely. Our energetic self is off somewhere else and not present in our own body. What we are actually feeling is our body wishing that we would be more present and loving to it. As we come back into the body the tension and stress begin to disapate and we begin to feel more at peace and less alone. 

Do you have constant repeating thoughts?

Constant thoughts of the past and of our privious partner can make us feel crazy, like we can’t get away from our own head and the stories that are haunting us. There are simple tools that can help us to retrain our minds to come back to the present moment and back to sanity. 

Would you like to feel like yourself again?

I know it probably feels like you are a crazy person, but you’re not. You are just going through a transition and a rearranging of the way your brain looks at life. It used to see the world as part of a couple, but now it’s trying to figure out what it’s like to be autonomous. It takes time and practice to reconfigure your brain and this book has the tools to help you do that.
Moving On and Letting Go provides a unique look at relationships and a greater understanding of Oneness. I wish I had this book before I began my separation process! This is an excellent tool that lasts a lifetime and applies to all aspects of life. The book is written on the subject matter of moving on and letting go, but it’s also a book about increasing awareness, trust, thoughtfulness and opportunity.

A must read for anyone and everyone that is looking for self awareness and self love.



“Even though I haven’t recently gone through a break-up, I feel that every bit of advice is useful, and the exercises have helped me feel much more relaxed in my daily life. Your voice evokes a sense of peace and love, and your humor helps me relate to all your examples. I really love it!”