Many of us have been taught to cut energetic cords with people who we have unhealthy connections with. That never quite felt right to me. If you cut a cord you then have this dangling piece of cord hanging around, which is going to leak energy and or reconnect with it’s other half again. Which is why people cut cord and the connection comes back. There is another technique that involves finding the cord, turning it and then pulling it out of your body that way. That seemed a little better…but one day I came across a way to release cords that seems the most compassionate and loving.

The way I see it is this:
When you have a cord attachment to another person you both have an agreement to hold on to one another. It looks like 2 hands holding onto each other at the end of the cords. In the beginning it can feel quite comforting, but sometimes the attachment becomes painful and not at all healthy. So here is a gentle and loving way to releasing this connection with someone.

Here is the process:

When you are ready to release an attachment cord with someone call in an angel/guide to assist you.

Breathe and relax into the connection point where you are holding on to the other person’s hand. Allow the hands to soften and release, then give the other person’s hand to the angel/guide and ask them to take this hand back to the person it belongs to. Ask the angel/guide to help them to assimilate the cord and energy back into their being and also help them in anyway that cord was helping them.

Help them to connect to Divine Source through the crown chakra and the Earth through the root so they can get the love and energy they need. Now that your connection is gone they will not be getting energy from you,  that is good news because now they can re establish how to get energy and it’s much better for them to get energy from an unlimited Source energy rather than you limited energy  as a human. The same goes for you. If you were using this person for a source of energy and or love you will now be able to tap into an infinite amount of energy and love any time you need it from Source and Earth energy . When we are attached we often think that this person is the only place we can feel this good or get this kind of energy, but as soon as we are free we realize that there is so much more we can experience if we open up our awareness to outside of this connection.

Once you have released the cord then it’s time to focus in on your own connection. Breathe your connection end back into your body putting your hands on this place and filling yourself up with your own energy. Breathe deeply and easily into this place. Relax into it and allow it to be filled up with your love and energy. There was a reason why you were holding on to this connection. Some sort of energy or lesson you were getting from this person. Ask that anything you might need or want be filled in now with love. Give yourself everything you need, gently and easily in this moment. Breathe deeply and know that you are safe and you are loved. Relax into it…feel yourself sinking deep into this place. Allow any tension to let go as you move in and relax. Fill yourself up in every part of your being that feels lacking. Connect up to Source energy through your crown chakra and connect into the Earth through your root chakra.

Continue to relax breathe and go within until you feel at peace.