One of my favorite things to experience is love. I love falling in love, being in love, seeing other people in love…Love is my thing…it’s my super power…
However…something interesting has been lately. I have been vacillating between wanting a partner to fall in love with and tapping into the Divine love within…
The interesting part is…when I think about having a partner, I get a little sad. Mostly because I am focusing on the lack of having one, but also, I think, because putting my focus of love outside of myself makes me feel sad. It basically tells me that I am not enough and in order to feel love I need someone outside of myself to feel it…and that is a lie…and lies always feel a bit yucky…
I was driving home last night having this discussion in my head and decided to tap into my Divine Lover…my Divine Lover is that part of myself that knows me, understands me and kind of feels like a more mature, future me. It’s kind of like a middle personality between me and God, if that makes sense. It shows up as a strong masculine presence for me. I think that some people experience it as Jesus or a guardian angel… I don’t think it’s unique to me, this is just how I process the experience.
So I started a dialog and it asked me, “Ok so what do you want to talk to your best friend about?” I talked at length about what was going on in my life, my hopes and fears, wishes for the future…and my Divine Lover talked to me about it all, letting me know how proud he was of me and how it is challenging, but I am doing a good job and the tough times aren’t going to last forever.
Knowing that I can tap into this presence anytime I want to makes me relax and feel safe and loved…Even if I did have a human lover, they would be able to show up 100% all the time and this presence is always there…
Today I am thankful for this loving presence in my life <3
And thank you for being present on my journey <3
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