Unfolding Love

Awakening Consciousness with Heart

The Moon, it pulls you in the direction it knows you must go, with subtle yet immovable force. It moves oceans by tides yet you never see the hand or feel the push, and at its smallest sliver, while never blinding, it provides light in the darkness. The Moon is subtle power and grace. Some nights when you need her most, the Moon is there in her full splendor, shining guiding and lighting the path. Other nights, while always there, she recedes to let you learn, to grow in your own light. If the Sun and its light, heat and power is Love, then the Moon which reflects the Suns light and love is Joanna. Joanna reflects the Love from the Universe taking just enough to sustain her, while standing ever present in the path the universe has chosen for her, helping, healing and guiding others. Like the Moon, you will always know Joanna is there a solid, immovable force to help guide you, to give her love and reflect the universal love upon you.

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