Synthesis Festival Part 2

Synthesis Festival Part 2

The reason we wanted to go to this particular festival is because of the fulfillment of the Mayan prophecies. Basically the Mayans  believed that Dec 21st 2012 would be the end of the Mayan calendar. We weren’t quite sure what that would mean…but we figured, if the world was going to end we at least wanted to give each other a hug and while we were there we might see if we could help with shifting the energies on the planet during the time of the transition.

The people who came for this festival were healers, teachers, artists and musicians, all people committed to making the world a better place. There were many spiritual leaders and innovators from all over the world who attended and gave workshops and talks everyday on a whole matter of subjects. Most of the time Rob was working with the Aktar people and I was doing energy healing and coaching, but we did get to attend some really interesting workshops on the energy shifts on the planet, high vibrational meditations and energy healing processes.

On the night of the 20th back at our camp we attended a fire circle. Many people gathered around the fire and sang sacred songs. Each person brought a special gift of their presence to the circle and we were all uplifted. At around 11pm we all looked up and noticed a pyramid shaped light in the sky. It traveled very slowly in a straight line and then eventually disappeared. We are still not quite sure what that was…

That was an interesting night actually because the local police came by to tell us that the group we were with didn’t have the proper permits. They tried to keep people from coming in the front gate…so for many hours the people out side and the people inside sang songs of unity and hope and they even hugged the police officers. Eventually the police just left…it’s hard to be mean with a bunch of people who are being so loving and nice to you.

Later that night I woke up with terrible pains. They came in waves like I was in some sort of childbirth. Rob sat with me through it all and helped me to breathe through them. Wave after wave would come and he would just help me to breathe and relax and open to everything that was going on in my body. I had never experienced anything like that and I was so glad he was there besides me to help me through it all.

When the pains finally subsided we heard many voices out side of our tent toning.  When we crawled out of the tent we saw a group of people all in white handling hands in a big circle. We were all together welcoming in the Winter Solstice.  There was a ceremony of honoring the elders and the directions and prayers for the Earth and the people of the Earth.

The ceremony ended as the sun came up and we all gave thanks for a beautiful transition into the energy of the new world. We asked that the sacred energy we experienced together go out and touch every one in the world and assist them in their own shifting of consciousness.

Later that day we went into town to catch the last day of events. We found out that sometime during the afternoon was another big portal of energy we were supposed to be conscious for. Rob spent his time doing magnetic activations with Aktar and  I ended up doing a healing on a healer that was having a rough time…

That night we listened to some music, went to a talk,  met some amazing people, had great talks and eventually made it back to camp.

The next morning we helped with the breakdown of the camp. Taking down most of the things we had put up, but leaving the white stone trails and the mandala.
We needed to plan our next move, but weren’t quite sure what we were going to do next. Many of the people were talking about another festival happening in Guatemala, so we decided to travel there somehow.

We got some breakfast with people across the street from our camp ground where there was an outdoor restaurant that was giving everyone from our group free breakfast. We sat and talked to people and found out that there was a big truck leaving in 10 minutes that could drop us off at the Guatemala border. We ran back to our campsite, grabbed all of our things. (Ok Rob grabbed most of our things, I am actually surprised at how strong that man is.) We ran them back across the street, hopped into the truck and we were off on our next adventure…



Synthesis Festival – Part 1

Synthesis Festival – Part 1

The night we arrived it was dark. We finally found our way to the camp ground and in the darkness I heard my friend Tree’s voice.

Tree! I saw my beautiful friend and we hugged and were so thankful to see each other. Tree and I had been facebook friends and recently met in California. She is a beautiful wonderful Sacred Healing Dancing Medicine Woman and she was assisting with this event.   Now that we found Tree I knew that everything was going to be OK.

We set up camp and rested, happy that we finally made it!

The next day we awoke and looked around at the amazing camp site. They had created this beautiful sacred space from an abandon ruin site that had been somewhat of a dumping ground. They had been clearing it for a couple of weeks and now it had white rock paths, art and different spaces set up for different events.

They still needed lots of help to set everything up before the event started, so Rob and I got to work assisting where we could. He went out and cut down bamboo and helped to set up structures. I painted signs and helped to create a flower of life mandala made of sand.

The people running the event made sure that everyone who was helping got fed and had water to drink so we were set for a place to stay and food, which was a relief. Plus we were in this space with some of the most amazing healers and innovators of this time. There were many camera crews from all over the world to document this event and the happenings. (I wonder if we will ever see the footage…)

Our camp ground was great, but the real events, talks and workshops were in town. There were shuttles back and forth from the camp ground so we would go into town every once in a while to get food and see the events.

Rob was really wanting to see a Mayan Elder named Aktar. So one night he went out to meet with him and his people. I ended up going to an event in the town square where the locals were performing a Winter Solstice Ceremony. It was full of fire, dancing and music. It was so very cold that night…they handed out candles and I remembered just warming different parts of my hands with the tiny flame to keep myself warm…it kind of worked…but not really…

Later that night I met up with Rob and we huddled for warmth. We had no idea it would be so cold in Mexico! Brrr! But we had sleeping bags and each other to keep us warm.

The next day Rob was very excited about using his new machete. We had a pineapple and he was slicing it open and ended up slicing his thumb too. With blood everywhere we were taken to the Emergency tech on staff. Which at first was a local Mayan who wiped it down with Preparation X cloths and bandaged it up. A little while later a nurse who was sent from Hay House showed up and we went to see her.

This lady…she was wacky, loud and quite the conspiracy theorist. The best advice we got from her is that “If you get a cut or anything in the jungle, clean it, cover it and then leave it the fuck alone. ”

We were able to visit the festival in the city on a few days and I got to do some healing on people and Rob got to learn a magnetic healing activation which was supposed to help with the ascension. He also learned this really cool greeting that we still do every once in the while.  It is a series of hand gestures that ends with saying, “I believe in me because I believe in you.”




Mexico Adventures – Part 2

Mexico Adventures – Part 2

Money goes fast when you are traveling…so we had to figure out a way to make money on the road. I do voice work and have a steady client so I had some money coming in from that. Rob codes websites and does graphic design work, so when we could find a place we would be doing our work. I think the most beautiful place Rob did coding was on the beach in Tulum. We were camping on the beach and in the morning we walked down the beach until we could find a place for him to sit at a table. We found a fancy resort type place and sat down, but they wanted to charge us for using the table, so we said…are there any free tables? and the man said, yes that one over there without an umbrella. So we sat all day and Rob worked away.

In those days we lived job to job, so the graphic design job he did got us to our next location. Then I would do a voice job and that would get us a little further…I suggested that we get a machete because there were days when we were really low on food and if we had a machete we could cut down coconuts, which we could quite easily live off of for a while if we needed to. (That machete became Rob’s very favorite thing in the whole world, besides his family and me.)

We tried to make it on our own, but there were times we got into trouble, and our families sent us money so we could get to our next location…our intention was always that we were going to make enough money to pay everyone back, but as it went, it was hard to have enough time to work and travel. Traveling all the time takes it out of you sometimes and there are not always perfect situations in which to work when you are on crowded buses or finding the next place to stay…

After Tulum we were at a bus stop and we met this man Jerry. Jerry was quite a character. He was vivacious and full of life. (and rum) We told him we were going to go to Synthesis, but couldn’t get on the list and he said, “I am not on the list, I am just going to show up!” So Rob and I looked at each other and said “Ok, we’re in!”

Off we were to the Synthesis party!



Mexico Adventures- Part 1

Mexico Adventures- Part 1

I arrived at the airport after 20+ hours of travel time…but I was excited and shaking…I was finally going to meet him!

I waited in the customs line and looked for him and finally spotted him. He didn’t have his glasses on so he couldn’t see me, even though it looked like he was looking right at me…so when I was through the line I waited for him until he finally got through.

We looked into each others eyes and smiled huge grins and then hugged each other…we made it!

We met this a fellow traveler who was having trouble with his bank card so we tried to help him out with trying to find a place to get phone credit. We looked all around the airport, but were having trouble. In our search we met some people that were picking up people for Synthesis and I gave them hugs…then we traveled on to look for a bus to get us to our next location. After a moment I realized that one of my bags was missing. I had a backpack and a rolling bag with my laptop on it and I think during the time it took for me to give someone a hug, someone took off with it…it was kind of a bummer because of my laptop, which had all of the ebooks and MP3s I had ever done, plus other writings and all 50+ essential oils and the supplements I brought to make sure if anything happened we would be ok health wise…I don’t remember what else was in there, but in that moment I just gave thanks that we were safe and that for what ever reason this stuff had to go, that it happened to save us from some other worse thing. We looked for it for a while, but then we gave up and found a bus to take to our next location with new friend in tow.

The first thing we did was find a cell phone store to get him credit and then we found a hostel to stay in for the night. We  got settled in then all went out to this place down the street that had great food and really big and strong margaritas for a small amount of money.

We had a fun time talking to our new friend..who I can’t remember the name of right now…he was 20 and had been making a living on an Alaska salmon fishing boat and now he was traveling in Mexico. (My guess is to warm up…brrr Alaska salmon fishing!)

We stayed out until we were tired and then went back to the room to rest up.

Rob and I went to that same place the next night for more Margaritas, we had a super fun time talking the night away, but this time we got lost on the way back…and then it started to rain…heavy…actually…there was a flash flood…We got caught on this one corner of the street and there was water every where…we were lost and it was late and the water was rising…and neither of us remembered what the name of our hostel was…in spite of all of that, we were holding hands and  laughing in the rain…it was really just part of the adventure. At one point I stopped and just looked up at him as we were standing in the rain…and he kissed me…it was the sweetest, wettest,  most beautiful kiss…the most romantic kiss I have ever experienced I believe. (Rob says I kissed him…could be…but the most important thing is that our lips met and it was amazing!)

Our intention was to go to this festival called Synthesis, but when I finally got a hold of the woman who was supposed to put us on the Volunteer list, she said that her list was full up already and she didn’t think that we were coming so she filled our spots…(Before our trip, Rob and I had been wondering if this trip was actually going to happen. We talked about it, planned it, but we were really wondering if we could pull it off. It wasn’t until the very last minute when we booked our tickets to get on the plane. )

So basically here we were in Mexico, together wondering what our next step would be, but truly…we didn’t care all that much. Neither of us had been to Mexico, so we were just excited to be there and with each other.

We just kind of went where we were led that day and our goal was to make it to Chitza Nitza even if we couldn’t get to the festival at least we would be near the pyramids where the activations were happening for 2012 Winter Solstice. (The ancient Maya believe that Dec 21st 2012 was the end of the Mayan Calendar and in effect, the end of the world. Basically…if it was going to be the end of the world I wanted to at least give Rob a hug before we were here on the planet anymore.)

I had a feeling that this Solstice was going to be really important somehow. I didn’t know what was going to happen, but I wanted to  have Rob with me when it did…would the world end?  Would we transform somehow? We would just have to wait to find out…but in those moments…the end of the world wasn’t really an option…we were having too much fun and exploring new love.