Surprise! You had it in you the whole time!

Surprise! You had it in you the whole time!

I noticed today I was getting worked up with thoughts of fear, sadness and anxiousness even after having a really great talk with my favorite person…

I wondered what would make me feel better and I just started to tune into my own being…When I breathe into my own body and get quiet I can hear and feel this loving and healing presence that knows me, knows me better than anyone else…because it is me…but it’s this part of me that seems to be more wise, knowing and loving than my day to day me.

This part of me knows how to comfort me, knows how to make me laugh and knows just what to say to make everything better…

After all this time it’s funny that I don’t tune into this place within more often…but I think now that I am paying attention…I am going to spend more time in here…

About Love

About Love

I got to talk to and see Rob on Skype today for 2 hours! It’s amazing how much that can lift my spirits. When we are together it’s like we have never been apart. It’s hard to be away from him, but knowing that I will see him again soon and being able to see and talk to him just makes it all so much better.

I have been a bit worried about my upcoming doctors appointment. I will get my test results back and then he will tell me what treatment I will need to start. The thing is, after talking to Rob I know that everything is going to be ok.

Love is such a tremendous feeling…I really do think that love can heal anything…It’s the love of another, but also the love of the self. I think that when someone loves you unconditionally it creates a safe space for you to love yourself. I think that is why so many people get so very sad when there is a break up…there is this reaction of…if this person doesn’t love me, I will never feel love again, not even for myself.

The love of another does make it easier for you to love you, but it’s not the only way. I found that taking the time to go through each of my body parts and saying ” I love you, I thank you and I appreciate you”,  helps to begin a conversation with the body and also allows the body to feel more comfortable with positive attention. Many of us never address our body unless we are upset at something not working correctly or the way we want it to and then we are often mean with our words and energy. By taking the time to appreciate each part of our body we are giving the body a chance to relax and let go into a space of unconditional love. The space of unconditional love is one of the most healing spaces you can be in. This is why animals and babies can be so uplifting and healing for the spirit, they have open and unconditionally loving hearts and just being in the presence of someone with an open heart can resonate enough to allow us to open our own hearts.

I am so in love with Rob. Just thinking about him makes me smile, but I also know that working on my own self love and and raising my vibration everyday is key to keeping our love alive. If you want a high vibrational relationship you have to be willing to put in the work and that work is mostly loving yourself. If you are in your own vortex of love your partner can’t help but love you. And if by some reason they aren’t in their vortex of love and can’t remember their own connection to love, if you stay in your loving vortex and vibration,  your connection will remind them of their own and they will start raising up to meet you.

Synthesis Festival Part 2

Synthesis Festival Part 2

The reason we wanted to go to this particular festival is because of the fulfillment of the Mayan prophecies. Basically the Mayans  believed that Dec 21st 2012 would be the end of the Mayan calendar. We weren’t quite sure what that would mean…but we figured, if the world was going to end we at least wanted to give each other a hug and while we were there we might see if we could help with shifting the energies on the planet during the time of the transition.

The people who came for this festival were healers, teachers, artists and musicians, all people committed to making the world a better place. There were many spiritual leaders and innovators from all over the world who attended and gave workshops and talks everyday on a whole matter of subjects. Most of the time Rob was working with the Aktar people and I was doing energy healing and coaching, but we did get to attend some really interesting workshops on the energy shifts on the planet, high vibrational meditations and energy healing processes.

On the night of the 20th back at our camp we attended a fire circle. Many people gathered around the fire and sang sacred songs. Each person brought a special gift of their presence to the circle and we were all uplifted. At around 11pm we all looked up and noticed a pyramid shaped light in the sky. It traveled very slowly in a straight line and then eventually disappeared. We are still not quite sure what that was…

That was an interesting night actually because the local police came by to tell us that the group we were with didn’t have the proper permits. They tried to keep people from coming in the front gate…so for many hours the people out side and the people inside sang songs of unity and hope and they even hugged the police officers. Eventually the police just left…it’s hard to be mean with a bunch of people who are being so loving and nice to you.

Later that night I woke up with terrible pains. They came in waves like I was in some sort of childbirth. Rob sat with me through it all and helped me to breathe through them. Wave after wave would come and he would just help me to breathe and relax and open to everything that was going on in my body. I had never experienced anything like that and I was so glad he was there besides me to help me through it all.

When the pains finally subsided we heard many voices out side of our tent toning.  When we crawled out of the tent we saw a group of people all in white handling hands in a big circle. We were all together welcoming in the Winter Solstice.  There was a ceremony of honoring the elders and the directions and prayers for the Earth and the people of the Earth.

The ceremony ended as the sun came up and we all gave thanks for a beautiful transition into the energy of the new world. We asked that the sacred energy we experienced together go out and touch every one in the world and assist them in their own shifting of consciousness.

Later that day we went into town to catch the last day of events. We found out that sometime during the afternoon was another big portal of energy we were supposed to be conscious for. Rob spent his time doing magnetic activations with Aktar and  I ended up doing a healing on a healer that was having a rough time…

That night we listened to some music, went to a talk,  met some amazing people, had great talks and eventually made it back to camp.

The next morning we helped with the breakdown of the camp. Taking down most of the things we had put up, but leaving the white stone trails and the mandala.
We needed to plan our next move, but weren’t quite sure what we were going to do next. Many of the people were talking about another festival happening in Guatemala, so we decided to travel there somehow.

We got some breakfast with people across the street from our camp ground where there was an outdoor restaurant that was giving everyone from our group free breakfast. We sat and talked to people and found out that there was a big truck leaving in 10 minutes that could drop us off at the Guatemala border. We ran back to our campsite, grabbed all of our things. (Ok Rob grabbed most of our things, I am actually surprised at how strong that man is.) We ran them back across the street, hopped into the truck and we were off on our next adventure…