Unfolding Love

Awakening Consciousness with Heart

What do you do when they don’t love you the same way?

What do you do when the person that you love says they don't love you in the same way? Well, first you cry because your heart that was so very open is probably beginning to shut down...but if you put your hands on your heart and breathe...feel everything...then allow yourself to stay open...something amazing happens...you ...

30 Days of Self Love – Day 1

I invite you to come with me on a 30 day journey as I explore different tools that will help

On The Road Again

We hopped into the truck and we were off. But first the people who were taking us on this new leg of our journey needed to get paid from the organizers. So we went into town to meet up with them. As it turned out the money was not in the bank yet so we had to hold tight for the night. They put us up in the hotel they were ...

30 Days of Self Love

My hope for this project is to inspire others to take some time to love themselves too. Let’s start a worldwide revolution of Self Love! Self -love is not about being arrogant or conceited; it is a deep seeded connection and knowing that you are a sacred manifestation of creation. You are here for a reason and you ...