This air flight was non-eventful and long, we watched movies and slept.
When it came time to go to Customs the agent asked me what I was doing in London and I told him the truth. I got shuffled through and asked a whole lot more questions and basically they decided that because I did not have the right visa they did not want to allow me entrance into the UK.

The thing is…you don’t need a visa if you are from the US. Basically they didn’t want me to get treatment at the Tropical Disease Hospital because I am not a British National. They said if I applied for a visa, and proved I would have enough money to pay for treatmentand accommodation then they would let me back in.

They were nice enough to let me spend the night with Rob at his mom’s house and then get on a plane to Chicago to my mom’s house the next morning.

It was a beautiful night with Rob…I wanted to remember everything about him and hold him all night long…

When the morning came we got ready and his mom and he dropped me off at the airport. I felt like we were just going to be away from each other for a short time and this wasn’t a forever good bye, just a for a little while…