Energy Clearing

Energy Clearing

Energy Clearing
by Joanna Albrecht

Have you ever thought of someone and then a few minutes later they call on the phone? Or you wake up in the morning thinking about someone and you see them later that day?

We are all connected to each other through a series of energy cords. You may or may not be able to feel them, but you can certainly feel them when they are activated.  When you spend lots of time with someone you form a deeper connection with them. The cords that are between you will strengthen and get larger and you also create new cords .  When the cords are very strong and clear, sometimes you can feel what the other person is feeling and often times, be able to know what they are thinking, in words, pictures, or feelings.

Have you ever met someone that seemed so familiar, you swear you have met them, but haven’t.  It seems easy to speak with them and feels comfortable to be around them.  These people have energies that are similar to our own.  They are of the same soul family and energy frequency.  For these people, spending lots of time together isn’t necessary to form a deep bond because your energy vibrates at the same tone, much like a violin and a piano resonating the same note or complementary tones. When your frequencies come together there is a resonance or harmony with one another.

There are other times when you meet someone and automatically do not like them. You feel a discord. These people are resonating at a tone that is not harmonious with yours.  It feels uncomfortable to be around them, yet you are not sure why.  Whether harmonious or discord, we feel these things because we are all connected.

The purpose of cords

Each person on the planet, every animal, rock, tree, blade of grass…we are all connected by lines or cords of energy. When a person feels “At One With Everything” this is the recognition of this truth, feeling all the lines of connection at once.  When we meet a person our energy goes back and forth through these cords giving us information about the other person. We are feeling the person out before we even speak to them.

When a person establishes a relationship cord with another they create a new cord just for them, sometimes many depending on what energy they wish to exchange. People connect into the heart, for love connections, the second chakra for sexual and creative connections, third chakra for power connections, and so on. These cords pass information and energy back and forth.  When these cords are healthy, clear and open people often times don’t even need to speak to each other they can just send energy through the cords to communicate.

When these cords get gunked up, so does communication. Stuck stagnant energy, power struggles, arguments, negative thoughts and feelings cover and stick to the cord and the exchange of energy gets clouded. Communication is murky because there is not a clear flow of energy happening.  To remedy this issue we can release the cord.  Find the cord’s root in our energy field, push it in and rotate it slightly, then gently pull it out of the field. Remove and excess energy in the cord’s hole and then fill with white light or a mesh of light to fill in the hole created by the cord.  When the cord is removed place the end of the cord in the Earth or connect it to Source energy. This way the person who was getting their energy from you can get their energy from another more healthy source and won’t try to re-cord you when it stops flowing to them.

Finding it hard to let go of an energy? Here are a few reasons why:

When we have a trauma or painful event happen in our lives, part of our energy or spirit will take off out of the body. Most times when it feels safe again it will come back, but sometimes it stays out of the body because it never knew that it was safe enough to come back. We don’t always know this part is missing, but we say things like…I don’t feel all here…I feel scattered…I feel confused and spacey… This is because you aren’t all the way there, part of your energy is floating around somewhere outside of your body.

If we don’t inhabit our body it creates a vacuum and that vacuum will fill up with whatever energy it comes into contact with.  I have heard people complain about going to the shops or the mall because they pick up on everyone’s gunky energies .  Many times these people create safety for themselves by sending part of the energy out to check out who or what is in the room so they can make a decision whether it is safe to be there.  In a house situation with a few people this can be effective, but in a mall with many hundreds of people walking through this can be a draining and detrimental tool. The best approach to this is to make sure you are strong and fully present in your energy field.
When someone is fully present in their body, fully grounded in their energy field they will not pick up other people’s energies. There is no place for the other energies to attach themselves.  Your outer energetic protection called your aura should be smooth, strong and enough to keep you protected when you are fully grounded into the Earth. When you see martial arts masters, they are fully connected and grounded into their energy field. They are aware of their own energy and the energy around them and are able to utilize it. They are not afraid to go into any situation because they are solidly present and no energy can harm them.  Even physical interactions cannot touch them because their energy field is so strong. I have witnessed a marital arts master fling someone who was running at him at top speed without touching him, only using a wave of his hand. This is true mastery of your energy field.

In the world of relationships we sometimes meet a partner and want them to “fill in our missing pieces” this does happen energetically and it feels great for a while, but this creates a dependency on the other person to always fill this space. When that person’s energy is missing from us, we demand that they bring it back because we feel we are missing a piece of ourselves.   In actuality that piece was already missing, we just covered it up with someone else’s energy for a while. The person who offered the energy in the first place thought it was a good idea at the time, thinking they were helping the other, but actually they were disempowering them. The thought process is something like…”Oh I am stronger than they are right now and I will give them the strength that I have.” This is truly not the case. If this person was able to call in their own energy and power they would be very strong. They just may have forgotten this fact, so the best, most empowering thing one can do for another is to help them call their own energy back in. Remind them that they can do this and teach them how. The real truth of the matter is that giving someone your energy is like giving them a blood transfusion with the wrong type of blood, it will eventually stagnant and become a mass of congealed energy that stops that person from actually accessing their own energy and power.

Power struggles and conflict can gunk up a cord. Negative thoughts, judgements, unhealthy patterns can all put an unhealthy layer over a cord. Overtime as this plaque grows people may find it hard to actually see the person for who they truly are through all the energetic goo.

It is possible to clear these cords using intention, focus, breath, sound and clearing energy. The way I perceive an unhealthy cord is like the inside of a vein or artery. Sometimes there are bumps and stuff stuck to the inside like cholesterol or plaque, so I feel into it with my energy and I push it through my system until it comes out my feet and goes into the Earth for composting.  Sometimes I can see this, sometimes I can feel it. Before I do this process I can feel heaviness or yucky feeling, and after I feel clean and clear. In the beginning the heavy feeling would frighten me and I would not be able to release it. The more scared I was, the more it stuck to me. After many years I realized that when there is a pain or a yucky feeling the way to release it is to go straight into the centre of it and breathe into it. The things we have taken on lifetime after lifetime are there because we never wanted to face the pain of certain situations, but truly, when we dive deep into these places of pain and suffering we find they dissipate before our eyes. The pain is only a marker for us, to remind us to look deeper into this place and learn what ever lesson it has for us.  Once we learn the lesson, we can release the pain and heavy energy along with it.

Ways to focus during clearing.

I use breath to keep me focused. I breathe into the stuck area and focus my love and intention there. Love is a big help with releasing energy. The places that are in pain are…in pain…they need love and acceptance from you. So instead of going in with the attitude…”I am going to get rid of this crud!” Which will only make it stick harder and come back faster. Try the approach of… “Thank you so much for reminding me about this. I love you and I now release you. I love you. I love you. I love you. Big breath and release.  Imagine your energy moving into the place of pain and the other energy swishing out of your field.

Another way I use breath is to feel into the stuck spot take a deep breath and breathe into it. Imagining that the energy is moving out of my body and into the sun and burning up.  Sometimes I use a yogic technique called ‘Breath of Fire’ or a very fast deep rhythmic breath to move the energy through.  This kind of focused breathing is enough to clear my whole energy system, it is also useful for releasing stagnant emotional energy from the body, but this usually takes a bit longer.

Toning is another good way to focus. I will feel into the place that is stuck, take a deep breath and then make a sound with my voice. The sound will change and waver depending on how stuck the place is, when it is clear the sound will stay steady and strong.

Another way to release the energy is through movement. Dancing and jumping on a trampoline, doing stretches all of these things will help move the energy through your body. When your body is stagnant, so is your energy…

Water is great for dissolving emotional energy. Drinking lots of water and taking a shower or a salt bath, imagining that the water is dissolving all energies that are not yours and then getting sucked down the drain. Swimming in a pool, river or in the ocean is very helpful for energy movement and for the properties of water to help the energy start flowing through.

Sitting on the ground outside and allowing the energies to sink into the Earth. Putting your back against  a tree and allowing the tree to remind you of your own roots as you release the excess energy into the Earth. Trees are good reminders about how to be and stay grounded.

Knowing how to clear your energy field is key to your physical, emotional, mental and energetic health and is especially important if you are working with people on a regular basis.

Joanna Albrecht is a Spiritual Healing Guide and has been working in the field of energy healing since 1995.
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