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SpiritBody Integration

SpiritBody Integration is a comprehensive chakra and energetic intuitive healing process that helps you become more clear, aligned, centered, balanced and strong within your body.

This session is for you if:

Your thoughts feel scattered and you’d like to experience more peace and clarity
You are struggling with moving forward from the past
You are struggling with feeling present, safe or grounded in your body
Want to feel more loved and peaceful with yourself and others


I have been going to energy healers for 14 years.   Some I would see some progress, but never was the progress huge.  Even two weeks before I met with Joanna, I met with someone who helped my energy level but it only last 12 hours.  Joanna has helped my energy, my skin (psoriasis), having men notice me (I felt like I was invisible) and a variety of other things and it lasts.   Joanna has made more difference in 2 weeks, that I have had in 14 years.  The best part is my positive disposition and hope that she has restored in me.  Joanna is extremely caring and supportive and makes me feel totally comfortable in every session.    Joanna can and will make a huge difference in your life.
Pam- Florida, USA

Today was one of the most magical days of gardening I’ve ever been blessed with. I spent most of the day alone on a beautiful mountaintop estate overlooking the ocean: on my knees, working with soil and plants, a hawk circling and singing overhead. Not least of the rivulets streaming into this healing and productive day was last night’s Chakra Cleansing and Alignment Session with Joanna Albrecht. I have worked with many healers, and Joanna is one of the gifted. So much gratitude!
Maria- Maine

Thank you so much, Joanna. I so appreciate your gentle way during our relaxation session. I feel like before the session my body felt somewhat clenched. Now my body feels so much more relaxed. I know I will have a better relationship with my body moving forward. Thanks again.
Lori- California, USA

You helped me again, and you didn’t even know it! I’ve been having serious heart problems since my last infusion in June. Skipping beats, pounding, just really struggling to beat right. Felt like a fish flopping out of water in my chest. A couple of days ago, I decided to tune in to my heart, look at it, and ask it what is wrong, what can I do to help? Poor thing was just trembling with fear! I sent it lots of love and told it “You are safe, and you are Loved.” IT STOPPED POUNDING! Immediately! Now instead of all day, it only does it occasionally, a few times a day and when it does, I just tell it, “You are safe, and you are loved” and it immediately calms and starts beating right! I’m amazed, and oh so grateful for the Light that you share! Thank you!! Riki- Idaho, USA

Joanna’s intuition is spot-on. Her ability to understand what I was dealing with and guide me through clearing it is unparalleled by any work I’ve had previously. Her tools are powerful and her manner is delightfully calming. I am grateful that she is doing this SpiritBody Integration work because it is extremely helpful and she is wonderfully equipped to do it. Before working with her I was having a very difficult time managing my emotions and physical discomfort. After our first call, I felt balanced, centered, clear and peaceful. Thank you Joanna!!!
Shaun, California, USA

There are no real words to describe how amazing my experience was. I had been feeling foggy and cloudy for awhile and had trouble shifting it. During the session it shifted and has not returned at all. I felt very empowered, completely relaxed and like a Goddess, all rolled into one. These feelings have continued to stay with me. I have also had lots more motivation since the session. Belinda – Australia

I had a session with Joanna at a great transition point in my life. I had just moved to Australia from Europe and was starting out a whole new life. Joanna helped me feel instantly at ‘home’ as she welcomed me lovingly into her space. I felt safe in her presence & her gentle approach made me feel loved & supported. At the beginning of the session we set up a few intentions, which I found very helpful, as it helped me see my situation & needs more clearly. During the session, Joanna helped me relax & I felt a deeper connection to my body & inner Self. She was highly intuitive & she talked me through what was happening, especially at moments when there were shifts in my energy. She helped me release & let go of old energies & I felt the healing worked at very deep & subtle levels. At the end of the session I felt totally relaxed & my energy was much clearer than before. I also felt inner clarity, harmony & balance, as well as much more trust & confidence in my abilities to face my new life situation. In the few weeks after the session, I definitely felt that the intentions we had set were still at work in my life, gently guiding me along my path… I’m very grateful to Joanna for the beautiful work she does & I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone. Kati- Australia via Finland

“This woman is one of the most, if not the most naturally gifted healers and intuitive counselors I have ever known.She is wise in the things that are really going on beyond what the average mindset can grasp. She has helped me find out what I really want to do, she gives me direction to go for it, and inspires me to live at a higher frequency with humor and faith. To know her is truly a gift. She is an awesome life coach and never ceases to amaze me with how good she is at it. She is an inspiration because she is on her path and believes that everyone has one and really “can” get to where they want to be. I can’t say enough. She is really a lovely person full of light and love.” Cathrine-New York, USA


SpiritBody Integration sessions are done long distance over skype or telephone. Sessions usually last about one hour depending on work to be done.

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