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Essential Oils for Pregnancy and Labor

Essential Oils for Preganancy and Labor - CoverThe recipes in this book are designed to help you love and take care of yourself during this time of change, discovery, transition and growth.

I hope it will uplift you during the tough times and relax you during the stressful moments. This is your time just for you.

Take care of yourself because as you cherish your sacred vessel of life you are also nurturing your growing baby. All babies could use a relaxing and loving beginning to life.

Here is what people are saying about this eBook:                  

Your eBook is exactly what pregnant Mums need. It is presented in such a simple, easy to follow manner. Your wonderful blends and ideas will inspire women to nurture themselves and their babies at this most significant time in their lives. As a childbirth educator, I cant wait to get the word out and will be recommending this to all Mums!
~ Ashley Cairney
Brisbane, Redlands, Logan and Gold coast
(07) 32879838/0437033635 hypnobirthingbrisbane@gmail.com

“It is not only gorgeous, but uplifting, positive, bright, and just sparkling…like your spirit! I am blown away!!!!”
~ Oceana

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