Energy and Attachment Clearing Sessions


Whether it’s intense emotions like anxiety, sadness, loneliness or despair.

Pain in the body doctors could not identify.

Or not being able to move ahead in your business or your life.

We’ve all had times when we felt like we needed some help to release what ever was stopping us from living the life of our dreams.

But what if I told you that we could release stuck energy easily and effortlessly in a one hour session? This technique works especially well if you are sensitive to the energy of others.  

In each session I will guide you to the places that are stuck and hurting, then using energy and intention help you to release the hold they have on you.

Sessions are done over the phone or through a Zoom session and can be recorded so you can listen back through them. 


I was fortunate enough to have a healing session with Joanna about a week ago. I didn’t really know what I was getting into, but my BFF thought she could help me. My life has been a little crazy the last 5 years. Turns out Joanna is a spiritual/energy healer. She helped me more than I thought possible. These are some of the things I’ve noticed since our session.

  • Less anxiety, overall
  • I feel the right size in my body for the first time ever
  • Not as easily overwhelmed
  • Unnecessary attachments are diminishing (specifically, songs and smells that reminded me of hard times just don’t anymore)
  • Less worry
  • More optimism
  • Less physical pain (fibromyalgia/osteoarthritis sufferer)
  • Better overall understanding of my own emotions/how I process emotions.
  • Deeper/better understanding of my own energy
  • My personal meditation practices seem both more focused and relaxed
  • Mindfulness is just a little easier (so far)

If you know me, you know I’m always sceptical of… Well, of everything. I suffer from ptsd aDd generalized anxiety disorder as well as chronic physical conditions. I do a lot of healing of myself and others in my kitchen with herbs and what not.

It probably would have never occured to me that I could use this kind of help with my own energy. What is remarkably different after my session with Joanna is I can more easily compartmentalize what is actual reality and appropriate responses (ptsd is not rational, at all). Its like the anxiety is there but its some-how not really mine anymore.

All of us always talk about letting go, but I felt real relief after our session. I feel like this will continue to grow and change as I keep working on myself. Also, the healing that Joanna did during my session wasn’t something that was “done” to me. Joanna helped me do these things for myself, within myself. Our session was like talking to an old friend by the end, even though I didn’t know what to say or to expect when we began. I’m looking forward to a fresh new future, with a whole heart probably for the first time ever.

Dawn (Everglade) Molter


As an entrepreneur, life can get hectic. It can often feel as though we try to put as much as we can on our shoulders and that this is normal. That this is just “the way it’s supposed to be.” Because of Joanna, I now know it is not. In fact, I learned that the majority of my stress was rooted in issues I had all my life. Sound familiar?

Nothing has personally helped me advance not only my business but my overall state of mind more than Joanna’s work. At first, I was a bit hesitant. We could even say I was skeptical. But when you have a problem and are looking for solutions, you keep an open mind. And wow did she open up my mind.

Joanna’s work is sort of like a spiritual massage and cleansing. It’s kind of like that feeling as soon as the clock turns midnight on New Year’s day. Or the first kiss from an early romance. It’s just this incredible wave of feeling and energy that runs through your whole body at warp speed. I would say it felt like a high, but it was so much more.

If Joanna’s system worked for me, a young, energetic, and forceful businessman, just imagine what it could do for you. In order to move forward and accelerate, you must be able to clear old energies that weight you down. I am now more free than I have ever been and on the way to manifesting my life’s purpose. Thanks again, Joanna! Lex Maru

New York

Joanna has a profound gift to lead healing meditations. After listening to her book, “Moving On and Letting Go”, I booked a private energy healing session with her.

At the time I was splitting up with my significant other and I felt particularly drawn to clearing out my space. Joanna lead me through a chakra meditation, bringing my awareness to energetic centers in my body with her soothing gentle voice. We spent more time in some places that felt like they needed more attention and flowed through other energetic centers with ease. Incredibly the places that Joanna chose to stop and visit energetically also happened to be the places in my body where I was experiencing some physical discomfort.

As she intuitively spoke with me and shared her blessings and knowledge, I could feel a shift in the way my body felt. It was like something dense was being released to the ethers. It was like an energy surgery was preformed where a dense tennis ball like icky cloud of particular matter was set free and returned to where it came from with love, light, and the consciousness it needs to be healed. I left our session feeling very relaxed and calm. I belonged fully and completely to myself again with clarity and purpose.

We went on a journey together and she walked me back home to my Self. I am very grateful that Joanna is sharing her gifts with the world. I hope to continue working with her to learn more about energy and receive the grace of her healing gifts.

Mary Walter


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