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Sneak peak to the Book Intro!

Hi Everybody!
I’ve been busy at work writing so I can get this new book out into the world!

Here is a sneak peek at the new intro. Let me know what you think!





I was sure he was my soul mate. When I was with him, there were no boundaries. We kissed and cuddled and shared a telepathic connection that I had not ever felt before. He asked me if I had ever kissed anyone so much in my entire life. We just looked into each other’s eyes and smiled. We didn’t need to speak in words, we could feel what each other was feeling. We knew what each was thinking. There was only bliss, only happiness, only this feeling of complete acceptance and openness. This had to be what it felt like to be in the presence of a soul mate. I had finally found my beloved and I felt so happy, so complete…I wanted to feel this way forever…

Morning came and I could feel him close off, I could see fear in his eyes. He left and I didn’t hear from him for a week. When he finally did make contact he said that he was going back to his ex girlfriend who had cheated on him. He said the night we had with one another was amazing, but his ex was so beautiful that he had to try again with her…she was sorry after all.

I couldn’t believe this was happening…how could he not understand that we were meant to be together? Had he not felt what I felt? Surely he did, I know he did…We shared those moments together…but here I was experiencing this profound sadness and grief of wanting to be with someone who didn’t want to be with me.

If I had only experienced this one time, it would have been a tragedy…but as life would have it, I have been through this scenario many many times. Each time I believed that this time it would be different, this time I was going to be saved from loneliness and uncertainty and this man, my soul mate, was going to be the one to truly understand me and be by my side as my best friend and lover for a lifetime…

But that was not to be my story. My story was to love many people and to be devastated many times until I came to a place of becoming my own best friend and my own lover for a lifetime.

Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t had other people to share love with this lifetime…but now when I come together with a partner, I am not wanting him to save me from being alone. These days I choose partners for the way we can uplift one another and to make each other smile and bring joy to one another’s lives. I am happy and complete as a single woman. I wake up feeling love, but it’s not pointed at any person or situation…I wake up in love because I am love. I emanate love.

I used to wait for someone to come into my life so I could feel love, but now I create that love. I create love in my life to experience love and invite myself to feel love in every moment. When I do this, when I embody being love something amazing happens. I start attracting more people and situations to experience love with.

But what I have found is, Love…the word Love…it’s not what everybody thinks it is…

Somehow we got the word “Love” mixed up with the word attachment. We think that being attached to a person or a thing means we love them…but it’s not true…

The Buddhists have said that attachment leads to pain and suffering. There are many people who think that Love is pain and suffering and it’s true when we think that Love is attachment, that is what causes the suffering. I believe that Love…pure true Love…is freedom.

When you meet someone and you experience that feeling of euphoria and freedom, it feels like heaven. Like you can do anything and be anyone. It’s only when you feel trapped or limited you “fall out of” love.

When you have felt the expansive feeling of Love and suddenly it gets taken away you can sometimes feel like you will never feel that way again. It appears that the only way you can get that feeling back is to be with the person you felt it with to begin with. When that person doesn’t want to be with you, you can get a little crazy because you can tend to think it’s the only way back to that feeling. It feels like being kicked out of paradise. You try to bargain your way back in and do anything to get back there. It feels almost like an addiction…you’ll do anything to get your fix again…you’ll do anything to feel like you are a resident of heaven again. You’ll do anything to be accepted and loved again so you can be back in heaven…

But here is the problem…

You think that paradise was because of the other person.

That other person was, in truth, just an excuse for you to open your heart and to feel love. They were your reason for deciding to feel open, blissful and free. But they were not the feeling. That feeling came from you. Paradise and your stay there were because you chose it. You can chose to feel it with or with out another person. You can call in that energy of love, that feeling of love anytime you choose to, but you have been trained that unless there is another person there you aren’t allowed to feel it.

What if everything you have been taught about love is a lie? What if there was a way to feel open, safe and free when you woke up in the morning? What if you could release yourself from the pain and suffering of needing to find someone to make you happy? What if you could release yourself from the pain of thinking you are not good enough to find a partner and could be absolutely in love with the person that you are right now?

When we are enmeshed in another person we can feel safe and adored in our lover’s nest, but when we are entangled for too long we can feel heavy, confused, we can lose confidence in our ability to do things on our own. We lose our individuality and can forget what it’s like to feel strong in our own being and body. In truth, many relationships break down because two people come together as individuals who are interesting and exciting to one another because of their separate traits, but when they are in relationship long enough they stop being individuals and become the same. When people are together for long enough they almost tend to think that what that person does is a reflection on them. So they try to control the other and want to make them do things that will make them feel safe and comfortable. However, the relationships that last and keep the fire and passion going in the their relationships tend to keep their individuality and challenge their partner from time to time. They do their own thing and then come together with their partner again to share their adventures with them. Their freedom comes from the fact they they are confident in themselves and strong within or without a relationship and they honor and value themselves as an individual as well as a partner in a relationship.

What I have learned about untangling from romantic partners again and again is that once you get totally free, it’s much easier to think and feel more confident about who you are and what you are doing. Being tangled up in another person’s energy can be so confusing and painful that we forget who we are and what we are here to do on the planet. It’s an interesting paradigm actually, because before you are free, you think that unless you are attached to another person you feel like you will be lonely and won’t be able to live happily ever after, but in truth, when you are fully and completely free of all energies and cords that are not yours, you feel more happy, confident and stronger than ever before and this actually makes you a better partner and more fun to be around.

The challenging part is that you won’t truly know the truth of this until you are 100% free. So there is a level of trusting that when you truly, fully and completely let go of the pain and suffering of the bondage of cords and energies to others there is freedom.

You will never truly know freedom until you are free. I can tell you about it until the cows come home, but in order to be free you have to choose to release yourself from everything. All energies and cords to others. If there is still pain you aren’t free, you are still attached. When you are truly free of attachments, there is only joy, there is only bliss. There is a feeling of contentment and serenity, but you have to choose it and then release it all.

This program will teach you how to release the cords and energy of other people so you can come back to truly loving yourself. It will teach you why you feel some of the feelings you feel when going through the detachment process and how to release the constricting energies and emotions so you can feel free and happy again.

It can be an easy process if you wish it to be. I created it in such a way where the more you relax the easier it is. My wish for you is to feel safe and loved during the entire process. I want you to know that I have been through this process many many times and wrote this map out so that I could help us both become free from pain and suffering.

If you are truly ready to feel free and happy again, take my hand and let’s start the journey.

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