It’s funny…how sometimes I forget how strong I am. I was just remembering how one night, Rob and I were walking back to the place we were staying in the jungle in Belize. It was an hour walk, it was dark and we didn’t have a flash light. (Yeah, neither of us were ever very good at planning…)

So here we are walking carefully trying not to fall on rocks on the road that we can’t see because it is pitch black and Rob says to me…’I wonder if there are any Jaguars around here’…a minute later we hear this growl…and was I thinking…’You’ve got to be kidding me’…

I somehow figured out it was a dog and said…’Hi Sweety, awww you are scared, it’s ok love, you’re ok. You’re ok…’
I realized that he was probably as scared as we were and needed a little reassuring…We kept walking and the crisis was averted…

I didn’t really think of it in the moment, but that was pretty bad ass…


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