Autumn has always been my favorite time of year. Walking through the forest of changing trees…I am reminded this is what the leaves actually look like. In the summer and spring they are covered in green, but come fall they drop the green and show their true colors…so beautiful and vibrant.

Maybe this is true for us too… in our youth we are covered in green, when we are learning how to live life. We are protected and fed by this newness…then one day it’s time for us to drop the green and show who we are underneath. The green slowly fades away until we are no longer protected or sheltered by the green, but uncovered, showing our brilliance.. We are now in the world being us.

To the outside observer it seems to happen all at once, one day were one way and the next we are something very different…but to our inner being, to our Divine Soul Essence…we know that this beautiful, colorful Being is who we were all along…

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