Anxiety and what to do about it

So what causes the anxiety? When we are looking for something outside of ourselves to make us feel better. When we want something to be different than what it is. When we want to have control over something or someone that is not us. Anxiety comes from not being in the moment and not being present on our own body. When we clear our body out of all energy that is not ours and can come back to the present moment inside of our own body the anxiety and fear dissipates and is replaced with peace and calm. 

A more compassionate way to release energetic cords

Many of us have been taught to cut energetic cords with people who we have unhealthy connections with. That never quite felt right to me. If you cut a cord you then have this dangling piece of cord hanging around. There is another technique that involves finding the cord, turning it and then pulling it out of your body that way. That seemed a little better…but one day I came across a way to release cords that seems the most compassionate and loving.


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